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0000211ShareDownloaderGUIpublic2014-04-22 14:042015-01-28 06:45
0000211: Ability to download selected files from a package without deleting the rest
If I just want to download some files from a package I have to delete the unwanted ones and download the whole package. It would be great if I can just long-hold a file and add it to my download list.
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2014-07-08 06:35   
This is a crucial part of streamlining the download process for the likes of Youtube and Twitch TV. These services often have a lot of files packed within one link. Hopefully this will be looked at sooner than later. Thanks.
2014-07-09 21:51   
Yeah would be really cool
2015-01-28 06:45   
Guys it has been opened for 6 months and it's rather simple to add an additional item to the context menu. What's the hold up? Me and my friends all purchased the Pro version to support you guys. Please keep this app alive and supported.