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0000097ShareDownloaderHosterpublic2014-01-01 22:592014-01-02 00:02
Nexus 7Android4.3
0000097: Hoster: - Es werden nur Offline-Links angezeigt und Download ist nicht möglicht
Hoster: - Es werden nur Offline-Links angezeigt und Download ist nicht möglicht
Fehler wurde vom Mohammed Ali per E-Mail gemeldet.

hi there first of all I like to thank you for your app I Was Looking for this app for really long time Second I Was using this app for Sometime and it was Perfect but about a week or So when I try to Put Links from it keep tell me the Links are offline and when I cheack them on the Browser they are exists and my Account is Valid I try to delete My account and add it again and also try to delete the app but nothing happen Can you Please help me on that one.
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